Commissioner Pct. # 2





Terri Ross, County Clerk

Serving citizens of Upshur County since 2015


Office Location:

Upshur County Courthouse 2nd Floor


Mailing Address:

 PO Box 730

Gilmer, TX 75644


E-Mail Address:




Office Hours:



 Monday through Friday


Office Phone:







Duties of this department involve keeping the public records of the county, including those filed by the general public with the County Clerk and all records of actions of Commissioners Court, the probate courts, and the county court. The County Clerk handles applications for birth certificates, death records and military records. The clerk handles all special and general elections called by the county and provides for assignment of voting equipment and supplies to polling places, trains and coordinates election officials, and tabulates election returns. The County Clerk is elected to a four-year term.